Ushering in the “Dawn of Steel”

If someone walks into our office and says, “Do you guys love video?” we would all nod our heads in collective and enthusiastic agreement. But if that same person were to bust in and say, “Do you guys love video games?!” we would take out our controllers and regress into giddy grade school children.

So when the opportunity came up to help out flaregames, a notable video game company based in Germany, we donned our gamer faces and hit “Start.”

We produced two behind the scenes videos for the new mobile game “Dawn of Steel” which consisted of shooting on a Canon C300 out in California, then rushing the rushes back to our edit bay in New York where we incorporated interview and b-roll footage of the development team hard at work alongside gorgeous footage of the game in action into a narrative about the game’s creation.

It’s entirely safe to say by producing these videos, we ushered in the Dawn of Steel. Anyone who disagrees with this will be banished to an eternity of playing Candy Crush.

You can check out the final published videos on the game’s official website here and here.