Tips From The Battlefield, Volume 1

Welcome to the newest edition of our Atlantic Television blog line-up! We’ll be chronicling short anecdotes, quick how-to’s, and other miraculous feats that occur on set during some of our shoots that we think will not only enlighten fellow crew members, but inspire you to maximize your available resources on any given shoot. Because nothing stops dedicated crews from accomplishing their vision. Enjoy!

Recently, the ATV team discovered that hotel rooms are not just for sleeping and other assorted hijinks any longer! One of our dedicated crews worked some of their usual magic and transformed a Williamsburg, Brooklyn hotel suite into a pseudo-studio environment for a quick video shoot. Check it out:

We turned a hotel room into an interview space. Movie magic!
Film crews are often composed of some of the craftiest artisans, handymen, and technicians around. Even if it’s your first shoot, you may find yourself just naturally thinking outside the box in order to accomplish the smallest of tasks. By simply re-arranging furniture against walls and into adjacent rooms, enough space was freed up to set up a camera, lights, a boom mike, a pure white backdrop, and a video village.
While miraculous and crafty, here are some of the hefty considerations we accounted for in advance. Is there enough available voltage to power all the lights? What and where is the main source of power for the room? Is there proper ventilation to ensure nothing (and nobody!) overheats? Is the suite big enough to accommodate even the most basic of set-ups? Does your crew even have permission to disassemble and reassemble an entire hotel suite?  (Even still, some might argue that shouldn’t be a deciding factor…)
Just remember: like any battlefield, it’s a struggle for both sides until one of them wins. It just so happens that we always win.
See you out there!