The Sky’s The Limit for Atlantic & Humble Bee Films

Check out ‘Airborne’ on Sky Nature & Love Nature soon!

Flight has always been an area of fascination for us earth-bound humans – from the Wright brothers and Lindbergh to the mid-century jet-set and the accompanying Space Race, we have always longed for wings of our own. However, the further we go on to defy nature, the further away we are from recognizing those with the same abilities a little closer to home. Airborne, a new series produced by Humble Bee Films, and soon-to-be-released on Sky Nature and Love Nature, aims to shed more light on such creatures within our midst.

For the U.S. leg of the natural history program’s shoot, Atlantic provided production support to Humble Bee. The production shot in the States over the course of two weeks, featuring many magnificent creatures of the sky, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Californian wilderness.

Airborne will be streaming on Sky Nature soon, and we’ll update this post when it’s out! For more information, check out the official press release.