Sony F900 Cameras, Equipment & Crew

Need a Sony F900 for your shoot? Atlantic Television’s knowledgeable staff can assist you with equipment rental in any city in the U.S. Plus, Atlantic TV is proud to offer professional camera operators, experienced crews, and outstanding support packages, including lights, sound recordists, grips, and production assistants.


In 2000 George Lucas announced that Episode II of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy would be the first major motion picture to be shot 100% digitally. Sony and Panavision had teamed up to develop the High Definition 24P camera that Lucas would use to accomplish this and thus the first CineAlta camera was born: the Sony HDW-F900 (also called the Panavision HD-900F after being “panavised”).
CineAlta cameras record onto HDCAM tapes, XDCAM Professional Discs or SxS flash memory cards. They have the ability to shoot at various frame rates including 24fps and have a resolution of up to 1920 by 1080 pixels. The camera can be used with a Miranda DVC 802 converter. This allows the camera to output SDI, DV and multiple HD outputs.