Selfies and the American Dream…on a GoPro!

Image courtesy of Sumomoto

The New York City Marathon back in November was filled of motivated individuals with a plethora of reasons for running. Some ran for glory, others ran for loved ones, others were paid to run, and others ran because they were the subject of a documentary about living the American dream. 
One of our frequent production partners came to Atlantic and asked, “how can we get footage of our subject running in this marathon without a camera crew, sound operators, or basically anything you guys normally provide?”
The answer involved two things. First, a GoPro (which is awesome). Second, much to our chagrin, was a selfie pole. 
We here at Atlantic love us some GoPro action. Remember all the forced perspective shots used in “Breaking Bad?”You can capture amazing stuff at full HD resolutions. Even 4K! All in a camera literally the size of your palm. It can be controlled remotely, it can take a beating out in the field, and provides a look to your footage that is distinct and vivid. 
Then there was the selfie pole. We here at Atlantic love photography and videography. But, selfies? Not really our forte. Weren’t people who take too many selfies diagnosed with an acute form of narcissism? What about the duck face–who likes that? Imagine if we asked all of our corporate clients for selfies after every shoot? Ridiculous!  
Nevertheless, our production partner loved it and ran with the idea. They attached a helmet/pole + GoPro set similar to the one pictured above and captured some truly inspiring footage of their subject completing the inter-borough race, and even some shots of the surrounding participants running against a spectacular New York City backdrop. 
So maybe in this case…selfies weren’t so bad. Isn’t that what living in America is all about anyway nowadays?