Scott Eastwood’s Perfect Role for Audible

Despite being the son of some guy, Scott Eastwood has crafted his own on-screen persona. He’s not afraid to get in touch with his feelings while also being able to swagger into any situation and be totally cool, yet also kinda down-to-earth and approachable. Are we swooning yet?

Not being one to deny the masses, Audible immediately got him into the role of Hunter for Lauren Blakely’s P.S. It’s Always Been You serial novel. Aptly named, Hunter is a marked thrill seeker who doesn’t fear death–a prerequisite for any role befitting an Eastwood. What does get Hunter’s heart hammering, though, is Presley, played by Andi Arndt, who isn’t totally opposed to giving him another shot at love years after they split. You better believe living up to his past will take more guts than papa Eastwood (probably) ever had. (In a significantly altered past, anyway…)

Atlantic captured a behind the scenes interview and b-roll with Scott out in Los Angeles to discuss the role he was pretty much born to play. Shot on two FS7s in glorious 4K, we can assure you that you’ve never see so much man, so much talent, and so much perspective on lost love in one 720p video player.