Panasonic VariCam Cameras, Equipment, and Crew

Need a VariCam for your shoot? Atlantic Television’s knowledgeable staff can assist you with equipment rental in any city in the U.S. Plus, Atlantic TV is proud to offer professional camera operators, experienced crews, and outstanding support packages, including lights, sound, grips, and production assistants.

According to Panasonic, “Super brands like Nike, Puma, and Disney, to name a few, have chosen to shoot spots with a high definition digital camera that can faithfully emulate the qualities of film. The Panasonic VariCam is the only HD camera to offer selectable individual frame rates, from 4 to 60fps, at the touch of a button, allowing extraordinary flexibility during filming, so you can create spectacular fast- and slow-motion special effects.

“Varying the frame rate – any increment from 4 to 60fps – allows true overcrank and undercrank (slo- or fast-motion) effects to faithfully be created on the spot. For example, shooting at 12fps lets you attain a 2x fast-motion effect with playback at the cinema speed of 24fps. This technique can be combined with zooming to create a warp-speed effect. Or, decrease the shutter speed for a strobe effect. The possibilities are endless.”

“As a point of reference,” notes Wikipedia, “film has traditionally been shot at 24 frames per second, while NTSC video uses 29.97 frames per second. Therefore, VariCams can be used for high end video and film production. The cameras are not cheap, however, their low cost in use, compared to shooting on film, has made them popular among independent filmmakers, and they are often available to rent from professional film camera rental companies. The VariCam range has now matured into its latest generation, and is widely used in TV production, as well as film.

“VariCam has recently launched two new VariCams, the AJ-HPX2700 and the AJ-HPX3700[2]. These new models feature Panasonic’s P2 solid state media technology, representing a major advance for the VariCam line. The AJ-HPX3700 is the flagship model providing Full 1080p acqusition capability and dual link HD-SDI output.”

And the high-definition AJ-HDC27 VariCam also features CineGamma software that permits Panasonic’s HD Cinema camera systems to more closely match the latitude of film stocks.

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