Motion Graphics + Your Video = Amazing

People within the film and television industry are quick to judge and summarily dismiss corporate videos; they’re not creative, they’re boring, they’re lifeless. We here at Atlantic believe otherwise, and with a little bit of planning, resources, and luck we recently brought to life a video showcasing the tristate area marketplace for a company we’ve been partnered with for years.

This quickly became a massive project, but one element that stuck out the most was the integrated use of motion graphics.

This map was created with a basic template with blue markers indicating where our client has set up shop in the area.

Here, motion graphics were used to demonstrate the construction of a warehouse over the course of the next several months.

And here’s what the final facility will look like. The warehouse and trucks were created entirely using animated motion graphics, and the background was shot on an Arri Alexa mounted to a helicopter.

And of course, what corporate video would be complete without a shot zooming away from the US with markers highlighting all of the company’s locations nationally? The planet was created from scratch and the shot would pull out to frame it in the center, becoming part of our client’s logo.

This made the end product dynamic, engaging, fun to watch, and also goes against the grain in terms of what people expect out of a corporate video. But there were some other things used to make this even better than anyone could have anticipated. Tune in next time, friends!