How the awe-inspiring Tereadek wireless system works. Image courtesy of Google.

How the awe-inspiring Tereadek wireless system works. Image courtesy of Google.

With so much happening inside and outside the flight simulator, the rest of the crew and the host of the show had to keep an eye on everything that’s happening. Without crowding the inside of the simulator while it’s, well, simulating, our crew had to think outside of the box. But how about getting rid of anything physical between the cameras and video monitors?

Say hello to the Teradek line of wireless video signal monitoring. An HD-SDI system, it consists of a transmitter and receiver (much like a basic wireless audio set-up). The transmitter can attach to your camera via 3G-SDI input, and then it sends the signal in real time to the bolt receiver. The good news about the bolt receiver is it has two 3G-SDI outputs meaning you can stream to a monitor in video village or to a video switcher which a technical director would run.

A caveat to this wonderful device is the battery life. While it will last between an hour and an hour and a half, this can be counterproductive depending on your shoot. Fortunately, you can attach a receiver to an AC power source and then you’re set for life.

Or until the shoot is done. But if you’re working in digital video/film, the shoot is never truly done.

Stay tuned for the next portion of this series which details a little magic box that you’ll need with you on any 10+ hour shoot day. Let’s just say it’ll keep your camera team and sound team…in sync.

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