Kibitzing in Video Village

IMG_1392All too often, bored crew members with little or nothing to do will gather ’round the monitors set up in video village and talk shop. Whether it’s about the fanciful images projected on the monitors, their union dues, or the latest tawdry industry gossip, a lot of time and energy can be wasted. Then there’s the opposite scenario where you have way too many cooks in the kitchen and everyone is throwing their opinion at the producer or director. Suddenly your foie gras of a video just turned into pedestrian street meat.

Pictured to the right, we keep our video village minimal so it can serve its purpose: to show our crew and clients how their final image will look on screen. No fuss, no muss. This set-up has proven time and again that a basic 17″ monitor and sometimes a laptop with existing footage/photos on it, is all you need for a small interview/piece-to-camera shoot.

Unless you’re shooting a George Lucas green screen epic, that is. Or if this is Lucas circa 1976, then enjoy pioneering blue screen technology! And rushing to complete a thought-to-be-doomed sci-fi film that won’t accomplish much…