Drone Videography — Need we say more?

For years if you had your own jib or were a jib operator on set you would be entrusted with the task of getting the most dynamic footage possible of whatever you were shooting, wherever it might have been. Pans, tilts, handheld shots, or fixed angles are the basic building blocks of any video, so getting that little extra pizzazz from a jib shot could take things to the next level and make you seem like a hero. Same goes for a slider or crane, too.

But we live in the future! A future dominated by machines who will inevitably rise against us!

So, we are here to welcome our new technological overlords which we did by employing the use of an interior drone for a shoot recently, and the results do the talking for us. Or for our mechanical masters. You choose!

In the video above, go to about 13 seconds in. For that particular shot of the camera tracking upwards, we would have had to haul in a huge crane which would have limited our mobility severely in comparison to what was done with a lightweight, custom-built drone.

To further the drone videography cause, the next shot of the camera literally flying through the entire facility is something we’re relatively certain hasn’t been done in a corporate video before. The steadiness of the shot rivals that of a helicopter moving over a city street or even the highest-end cranes used for major Hollywood productions.

However the drone itself is only as good as its human operator who needs to have quick reflexes, nimble fingers, and a razor-sharp focus because it’s piloted by a remote control. Remember the countless hours spent in the backyard flying around a toy helicopter? Think of it like that. Like the days when we controlled technology!

More drone action to come; stay tuned, folks.