Dedos Light The Way of the Future

Ever been on a small set with no ventilation? With a bunch of production guys just standing around, sweating profusely, talking about their union dues? The director is already under pressure from the producer to get six more set-ups done for the day. You’re about to go into overtime. But you figure, “hey, this wouldn’t be so bad I guess…if it weren’t so friggin’ hot in here!’

Dedos! Dedos everywhere! 

It’s all those lights! Lights everywhere!

Enter Dedo Weigert. We don’t know him, but we will now affectionally refer to him as DeDe since he’s created a series of lights that are already changing the landscape of professional and even amateur video and filmmaking. And also don’t get super hot to the touch.

The Dedo line of professional lighting equipment is becoming the most frequently requested kit for many of our UK-based clients. While these lights so far have seen much of their success overseas, they are finding their way into all sorts of productions we’ve been part of so far.

Documentaries, corporate interviews, commercials, and even short films. Dedos! Dedos everywhere!

We’re excited to offer Dedos stateside not because of all their great features, but because we stand on the side of innovation on video and film sets. DeDe does, too, and that’s why we’re the best of friends.