Atlantic Under the Big Top

Cirque_du_Soleil_logo.svgCirque Du Soleil encapsulates basically everything that is great about entertainment: fire-breathers, worldly circus stylings, live music, outrageous costumes, mind-bending (spine-bending?) gymnastics, colorful lights, and an enrapturing storyline. The show has toured the entire world except for Antarctica, and really who can blame them? But for the longest time, the show had actually never toured in Australia.

Enter stage left: Atlantic Television, hula hooping within a ring of fire while balancing atop a rainbow elephant.

To celebrate their grand entrance to the land down under, Atlantic provided a Canon C300 2-man crew to shoot a teaser of the show that would get Aussies excited for all the thrills that awaited them. As if the actual show wasn’t exciting enough!

Our crew had great fun capturing what is undoubtedly pure, unbridled entertainment on video.