Atlantic TV – Sony DVW-970P PAL DIGITAL BETACAM 25P 16:9 CAMCORDER rental in every major city in the USA and Canada

Atlantic Television offers clients the largest inventory of PAL cameras in North America including PAL digibeta and PAL DVCam. Atlantic is a national production services company that provides NTSC and PAL (HD and SD) camera, lighting and grip equipment rental and award-winning, local camera crews to leading broadcasters, production companies and corporations in every major city in the USA and Canada. Atlantic’s clients include ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, the Discovery networks and the BBC.

Included in the Atlantic inventory is the Sony DVW-970P PAL DIGITAL BETACAM 25P 16:9 CAMCORDER. The Digital Betacam format has been the high quality format for standard definition video production since its inception in 1993. The Sony DVW-970 camcorder represents the latest example of evolving technology to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s production environments. At the center of this camera is the proven performance of the Power HAD EX CCD chip set. In combination with a highly precise 14-bit analog to digital conversion, it delivers high sensitivity, low noise, very low smear levels as well as a progressive scanning mode which includes 24p for film-like shooting.

A variety of unique features including slow shutter, interval record and picture cache recording have been incorporated for greater creative abilities. Yet the camera is more a more efficient tool with reduced size and lower power consumption over previous models.

Atlantic provides quality camera crews and TV production equipment rental and other production support services on-the-ground in locations including: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Denver, Detroit, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Phoenix, Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Portland, Orlando, Tampa, Kansas City, San Diego, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.