Atlantic TV Provides Sony F900r HD Cameras Across the Country

Do you need a Sony HDW F900R camcorder for your next production? Atlantic Television provides the Sony HDW F900R in every major city in North America as part of an extensive national inventory of camera, lighting and grip equipment.


The Sony HDW F900R camcorder records images in accordance with the CIF (Common Image Format) standard, which specifies a sampling structure of 1920×1080 active pixels (horizontal x vertical). Plus as well as recording at 24P, the HDW-F900R camcorder is switchable to record at 25P, 29.97p progressive scan, and also at 50 or 59.94 Hz interlaced scan.


The HDW F900R provides a comprehensive range of features for creative shooting such as enhanced gamma features and colorimetry controls. Plus the design of HDW F900R is highly compact and lightweight giving users higher levels of mobility and comfort when shooting.


Atlantic Television provides cost-effective camera, lighting and grip equipment rental, award-winning local camera crews and other production personnel for domestic and international broadcasters, production companies and corporations. Support cities include – New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Tucson, Orlando, Tampa, Salt Lake City, Memphis, Nashville, St.Louis, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.