Atlantic TV has fun with a TriCaster!

We’ve wrapped up on an exceptionally exciting shoot. But, we can’t exactly reveal the gritty details on the “who” or “what”! We’ve provided crews and gear for a production starring a major multi-national corporation and we have to keep it totally top secret! Not to worry—we are, of course, going to reveal as much as humanly (and contractually!) possible.
This corporation recently hosted a slew of industry panels and presentations in Boston and Atlantic Television was responsible for not only capturing the proceedings on video, but users online got to see our work during their live Q&A session! To accomplish this, we enlisted the use of a TriCaster, which allowed us high-speed, live production, multi-channel HD switching and streaming plus cool graphics and picture within a picture displays. Needless to say, we’re pretty proud of this amazing feat.

However, it wouldn’t have been possible without a dedicated crew of Atlantic Television cameramen and operators on the floor who pulled the shoot off without a hitch.