Atlantic Takes To The Skies…Heli-style!

Okay, we admit it: making jokes and puns about Atlantic Television and the Atlantic Ocean is running thin. But will you allow us one more? Ready? Here goes.

“Atlantic–Not Just An Ocean Anymore”

That’s because we’re working on a project for a major warehousing company, and as creative partners to them we suggested emphasizing the scope of their operations with not just interior shots of their tri-state area locations in a run-of-the-mill corporate video, but their global operations.

The one (and only!) way to do this: fly a helicopter over the area to capture an awesome glory shot that will end up in the final video and will reiterate the idea that what they do as a business is truly massive.

The helicopter was equipped with an Arri Alexa mounted on the bottom of it, and rotated on a gimbal to gather different shots.

In our opinion, we think every video should have a helicopter sequence…and maybe Mel Gibson or Bruce Willis hanging off the side of it, 80’s action hero style.