Atlantic & SyFy Wire Discover The History of Salem

Earlier this year, we got into the Halloween spirit in probably the best way possible — by exploring the dark history of Salem, Massachusetts and learning of its bright and inclusive future.

SyFy Wire sent Angélique Roché to Salem along with a cadre of local spiritual advisors (a Boston-based Atlantic crew) to learn more about the infamous Salem Witch Trials and how the city, along with pop culture staples like The Wizard of Oz and Bewitched, took the classic idea of a “witch” and turned it into a powerful feminist image. The city has become a growing destination for tourists in recent generations, but most importantly it’s transformed into a symbol of social inclusiveness and love–you know, things that eluded the Puritans back in 1692.

While Angélique kept one foot in the world of spirit, visiting Crow Haven Corner, she also kept the other foot in the world of man at the Salem Witch Museum, and later at the Satanic Temple. We kept both of our feet squarely in the world of video production. (We’re holding for your applause. Thanks very much!)

Our witchin’ local crew consisted of two camera operators (shooting on Canon C300 Mk IIs, in glorious 4K!), a sound recordist, hair & make-up artist, camera assistant, and production assistant. You can check out the final video here, or below.

And don’t forget – the next time you need a local Boston crew, we’re just a Bewitched-style nose twitch away.