Atlantic & SyFy Explore Femininity in Film with Evangeline Lilly

SyFy Wire sat down with Evangeline Lilly to talk not just about her role as The Wasp in Marvel’s confusingly expansive cinematic universe, but also her views on femininity and how that’s evolved throughout her career, from Lost all the way to some of her upcoming projects within and outside of the MCU. She is now a woman on a mission to create her own vision of femininity through her work as an actress and as an author.

With each project she tackles, she’ll seek to infuse her own femininity into characters that could just be played from a masculine perspective. The key to that, according to Evangeline, is compassion. And we wholeheartedly agree!

Filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah, Atlantic provided a full crew to capture the all-encompassing interview, including three Sony FS7 cameras and operators, a sound recordist, gaffer, and a studio with full production support. All cameras shot in glorious 4K, giving SyFy’s post team even more options in editing.

You can check out the video below, or on SyFy’s YouTube channel!