Atlantic & Story Films Crack The Case with “Witness Number 3”

Check out Witness Number 3 on Channel 5 & Netflix UK!

What would you do if you found yourself a witness to a terrible crime?  This is the question posed by Story Films’ latest thriller for the UK’s Channel 5, Witness Number 3.  In it, a single mother named Jodie (Nina Toussaint-White) finds herself embroiled in a campaign of terror as a group of gangsters come after her following her witness to a gruesome murder. Hers is a testimony that, according to the local authorities, might make-or-break the case – should she choose to attach her name to her statement.  What results is a psychological spiral and a study into morality like no other, as Jodie struggles to do the right thing.

For the project, which has garnered a new bevy of viewers after its recent addition to Netflix UK, Atlantic provided production support to Story Films, which had a large crew of producers, DPs, ACs, PAs, sound ops, gaffers, and more working on the program.

Stream Witness Number 3 (warning: don’t do this alone!) on Netflix UK.