Atlantic Serves The Ultimate Slay For Audible’s “Slayers”

Those who grew up in a certain era might remember the good old days of “event” or “appointment” television – back when everyone gathered at the same time each week to catch the latest episode of their favorite program. This was true during television’s infancy in the 50s and 60s, and continued on into the 90s, when Monster-of-the-Week shows such as the X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer became popular. Buffy, in particular, became so popular that it developed a massive cult following in the 20 years or so since its début. Most recently, the so-called Buffyverse has come back to revive yet another time-honored storytelling tradition: the radio drama in the form of an audiobook titled Slayers: A Buffyverse Story, produced exclusively in partnership with Audible.

Atlantic’s nine-piece crew – which included our DP, cam ops, sound recordist, gaffer, grip, and PAs – was there to capture much of the veteran cast, as well as newcomer Laya DeLeon Hayes (Indira), as they gathered to record scenes from the audiobook, which was co-created, -written, and -directed by original cast member Amber Benson (Tara). Filmed over two days on multiple Sony FX9s in 4K, our two camera ops not only caught b-roll footage of the cast recording in the studio, but also were able to shoot them in a series of interviews, individually and together as a group.  Additionally, through the efforts of our stills photographer and his photo assistant, Atlantic was also able to capture still portraits of each cast member. The resulting still photos and edited video content were all included in promotions for Slayers.

You can watch the final promotional video below or on Audible’s YouTube channel.