Atlantic Provides Production Services For The Sphere’s ‘Postcard from Earth’

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Many auteurs in the realms of art, literature, drama and film have long speculated what the far future would be like. How far would science, technology, and–most importantly- society, will have come?  This is what yet another famed auteur, Darren Aronofsky, sets out to explore in his new film, Postcard from Earth. The film is a special feature of the theatrical-only Las Vegas attraction The Sphere, a production of Sphere Entertainment Company which is also within the same network of brands that includes MSG.

MSG, also part of Sphere Entertainment Co.

For Postcard, Atlantic served as an essential extension of Sphere’s UK-based production office from the very beginning, providing them with our well-versed know-how in American production, as well as access to location scouts and crews in multiple states. Over the course of the project, which took several months throughout 2022, as many as three of our Atlantic coordinators handled logistics during the pre-production and production phases. For Postcard’s location shoots, we scouted southern Utah, Arizona, and Nevada and assisted with permitting & logistics.

In the locations we ultimately shot at, Atlantic provided local PAs & coordinators, and handled payment for US-based crew – which included the aforementioned PAs & coordinators as well as grip and electric teams, and even bird handlers for some very special shots! We also organized safety teams with San Francisco PD, Calfire, and local fireworks crews for a fireworks scene shot on location.

You can watch the film at The Sphere Experience in Las Vegas. Get your tickets here.