Atlantic Provide New York Documentary Sound Recordists for BBC Documentary on Life Magazine

Atlantic TV recently provided high quality documentary sound recordists in New York equipped with Atlantic audio packages for a BBC documentary on Life Magazine. Atlantic provides experienced, cost-effective local production personnel and equipment rental in every major city in North America to leading broadcasters and production companies.

The Life founded in 1883 was similar to Puck and was published for 53 years as a general-interest light entertainment magazine, heavy on illustrations, jokes and social commentary. It featured some of the greatest writers, editors and cartoonists of its era, including Charles Dana Gibson, Norman Rockwell and Harry Oliver. During its later years, this magazine offered brief capsule reviews (similar to those in The New Yorker) of plays and movies currently running in New York City, but with the innovative touch of a colored typographic bullet appended to each review, resembling a traffic light: green for a positive review, red for a negative one, amber for mixed notices.