Atlantic Pounces on Hunks and Pups for Muddy Paws Rescue

When beverage company Crook & Marker said they’d quench your thirst, they took it to a whole new level.

Benefiting New York City’s Muddy Paws Rescue, the company paired adorable hunks with equally adorable pups for a series of Valentine’s “video-grams,” featured on the aptly-titled OnlyCans. By sharing a photo or video message to your lover (or anyone, really–go nuts!), Crook & Marker will donate $1 towards Muddy Paws and its mission to help dogs in need with foster-based care and advocacy.  So whether it’s the literary mind of “J.D.” and Hemingway that catches your fancy, or the leading-man charms of “Ryan” and Goslinger that have you swooning, know that it all goes towards a great cause.

For the shoot, Atlantic’s casting services helped find the best men for the job, with Muddy Paws providing the most adorable dogs around. Our director of photography was there to capture every ab-rippling moment on the Sony FX9, shooting in full 4K while our stills photographer lovingly crafted each hunk & pup’s portrait. Finally, our team of hair, make-up and wardrobe maestros (though we’re not really sure how much work went into the latter), made sure each gentleman looked his best.

Check out OnlyCans, and help a pup in need today.