Atlantic & PBS Unveil the Healing Power of Art

What happens to art in a crisis?  That’s exactly what the PBS documentary series, Inside the Met, produced by Oxford Films, aims to find out.

Filmed at the height of the COVID-19 breakout over the course of several months, the documentary gives viewers a peek behind-the-scenes during what would have been the famed institution’s 150th anniversary celebration.  The curators and directors oversee restorations of all kinds for the museum, re-examining its place in society not only in the time of COVID, but also in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death.

Throughout filming, Atlantic was there to provide fully masked, tested, and socially distanced documentary-style crews consisting of a director of photography–shooting on the Sony FX9–and a sound operator. On days that required a bigger crew, Atlantic also provided additional camera assistants, and PAs to help Oxford artfully navigate filming in New York City during the pandemic.

Inside the Met is available to watch on PBS Passport.