Atlantic New York TV Studio Rental for Nat Geo Series

Atlantic Television recently provided its New York TV Studio as a location to film interviews for Nat Geo’s “The 80’s: The Decade That Made Us”. Atlantic’s studio is very cost-effective and versatile and specifically designed to film documentary interviews.
Atlantic TV New York TV Studio Features:

■Designed for shooting interviews and panel discussions.
■Less expensive than renting a hotel room suite or bar location.
■36’x 14’ dimensions provide the depth and versatility needed to create the shallow depth of field look.
■Includes living room and library furniture: fireplace, bookshelves with books, fake window with dimmable light box, end table, lamps, flowers, etc.
■Green screen and a variety of other backdrops available.
■Comprehensive range of camera and lighting equipment available.
■Can be rented with or without equipment.
■Conveniently located in Soho, Manhattan.