Atlantic Interviews Jesse Eisenberg, Finn Wolfhard for Audible Promos

Behind every family, there is a whole saga waiting to unfold.  In Audible’s When You Finish Saving the World, the lives of a father, mother, and son are explored: Nathan is a new father coming to terms with his relationship with his baby son, Ziggy; Young college student Rachel struggles to navigate adulthood and her own relationship with her fiancée, Nathan.  Ziggy, for his part, is just like every teenager—anxious about his place in the world and eager to try and conquer it.  Each story intertwines, and ultimately weaves together an intricate web of familial history that spans over three decades.

Lending their voices and helping to tell these stories are actors Jesse Eisenberg (who conceived and wrote the audiobook exclusively for the platform) as Nathan, along with Finn Wolfhard as Ziggy and Kaitlyn Dever as Rachel.

Conducted prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our local Vancouver-based crew captured promos with the cast at The Warehouse Studio.  They spoke about each of their characters’ unique journeys in the sprawling tale, and Finn Wolfhard even treated us to a bit of a jam session! Our team—consisting of a field producer, two camera operators, a sound recordist, a production assistant, and a gaffer (replete with a grip truck)—made sure all the moving parts fit together to create a beautiful whole.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video (plus some bonus questionnaires with Jesse Eisenberg and Finn Wolfhard!) below, or on Audible’s Youtube channel.