Atlantic Helps Prove That People Don’t Listen

You’re on a plane. Everything is going well. They just came around with the snack cart; you decide not to pay $6 for a special pack of cheese and a Sprite. Fine. The plane jutters for a second–no worries. It jutters again. That’s odd, right? BAM! The lights go out and you feel the nose of the plane take a swan dive into the unforgiving ocean below.

What do you do?

Listen to the crew! (We tell this to everyone who calls us, coincidentally).

National Geographic is airing a new show called Crowd Control, and Atlantic got to be part of it down in Orlando. Hosted by the JetBlue University, we shot footage in a flight simulator that allowed some scaredy-cats people and the ATV crew to experience a plane crash, and what you would do in the event of an emergency evacuation.

You’ll notice in the video that there a few select members of the crowd who just did their own thing, and remained apparent masters of their own fate, despite being instructed otherwise by the plane crew.

We here at Atlantic Television tell show it like it is, folks.