Atlantic Goes to Mars…Sort Of

One of our big talking points is how we have experienced broadcast-quality crew members all throughout the United States. For a few days, we also had crew on location on Mars…by way of Torrey, Utah that is.


The Atlantic TV crew with PMA’s crew on Mars. (That’s right…NO helmets needed.)

We recently worked with PMA Films on some promotional pieces related to the latest Matt Damon outer space bonanza “The Martian.” Utilizing the desolate and rocky terrain of Capitol Reef National Park, it was made to act as a Mars-like backdrop for the videos. The crew would have made Mr. Damon proud, because he is now an astrophysics expert for having starred in the film.

Our local Utah crew integrated seamlessly with PMA’s producers and directors who came in from the UK; we supplied 4 camera operators, 4 sound recordists, and 4 camera assistants to pull this massive shoot off. Five individual Sony PMW-500s—shipped from Las Vegas!–along with an army of wireless lavs, booms, mixers, and GoPros, served as the intrepid crew’s advanced and super complicated astrological instruments. (Indulge us, please. We were on “Mars.”)

The end result? You’ll find out soon.

But for now, just keep looking to the stars…we’ll be there if you need production services for your next Milky Way shoot.