Atlantic Goes on a “Mission to Burnley” for Ad Hoc Films & Sky

To win the Beautiful Game requires a lifetime of sacrifice, determination, and hard work.  Such is the case for Burnley F.C., which fights for their title as returning Premier League Champions in the Sky TV documentary Mission to Burnley.  The documentary, produced by Ad Hoc Films, follows the team, along with head coach Vincent Kompany, as he undergoes an overhaul of the club’s playing style and overall direction.  The result is an inspiring insight into what it takes to win it all.

For Mission to Burnley, our local crew from Salt Lake City traveled to film at Daniel’s Summit and the Snowbasin Resort. Equipped with a Sony FX9 camera package rigged onto a snowmobile and helped by a Camera Assistant, our Director of Photography followed as ALK members rode on their own snowmobiles and skis.  Other footage was taken by our Drone Operator, whose 4K Drone captured breathtaking views of the snow-capped Utah mountains. We also shot interviews with ALK members during their snow-capped expedition, with our sound recordist making sure every word was captured.

You can watch all four parts of Mission to Burnley on Sky TV, and below you can check out some behind the scenes shots of our crew at work!