Atlantic Goes Full “Evil Genius” for UK’s Impossible Factual

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Every television show, film, or really any sort of content is a kind of Frankenstein monster; there are so many disparate elements that have to be stitched together to create the final product. In that way, the coordinators at Atlantic are sort of like mad scientists. Mad production scientists, of course.

Enter Impossible Factual, an independent UK production house that creates unique programs that span genres including history, science, true crime, and drama-documentary. We had the immense opportunity to help out on their latest offering, Science for Evil Geniuses. The show educates its viewers on the latest scientific technology through the lens of the evil genius/mad scientist trope that’s become ever-so-prevalent in pop culture.

For Evil Geniuses, we provided a variety of crew and gear in multiple cities across the United States. Our local DPs filmed interviews at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Washington, D.C., the ILC Dover Development Lab in Houston, TX, the National Ignition Facility in Livermore, CA, and the Kentucky Reptile Zoo in Slade, KY.

On a multi-day shoot in New York & Connecticut, we provided a local crew & equipment (including a RED Komodo package plus a full lighting and grip package!), to capture interviews & b-roll at iconic locales including Vinegar Hill, Hell Gate Bridge, and the New York County Courthouse.

You can watch Science for Evil Geniuses today on CuriosityStream, or on Amazon Prime Video.

(Oh, and you can bet that with each successful production we pull off – this is how we react. Granted, Dr. Frankenstein wasn’t an evil genius, but–close enough!)