Atlantic Goes “Fat Ham” With Audible

It takes a certain kind of show to not only modernize a Shakespeare play, but do it well.  James Ijames‘ play Fat Ham did just that when it premiered on Broadway back in April 2021.  Just as in the Bard’s Hamlet, a young man named Juicy (Marcel Spears) is urged by the ghost of his father to avenge his murder – the main difference here being that Juicy also happens to be queer and black. What results is quite unlike any Shakespearean tale you’ve seen before.

Recently, Atlantic reunited with Audible as Fat Ham made its aural transition, helping bring to life several promotional videos for its new audiobook. Our local NYC crew all worked in tandem to film footage, which was shot by our DP on the Sony FX9 for various short-form videos intended for social media, as well as the trailer itself. Our FX9 was rigged onto a dolly from the bottom to help achieve the camera push-in on Spears. To keep the image in focus, we used a remote follow focus. Our grip and gaffer helped to rig the backdrop and light the scene.

In pre-production, our set dresser/prop stylist and their assistant helped find and set up the backdrop and props (all of which came out of NYC), such as Spears’ throne and crown.  We also set up Spears’ travel accommodations, including flights, hotels, & private car services to and from Audible’s Innovation Cathedral in Newark where we filmed the promos.

We had a great time putting the spotlight on a new twist of an old classic – check out the official trailer below as well as some behind-the-scenes stills from the shoot itself!