Atlantic Glams Up with Anna Wintour for ITV

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know we love Star Wars. And video games. And comics. And video equipment. But we’ll also be the first ones to admit that we are not against a good glam up. So when Maverick TV reached out for a shoot with Anna Wintour, we showed up with bells on.

Maverick produced Inside the Ritz Hotel, a multi-part series which aired on ITV in July 2019. Anna Wintour, along with Mo Salah and Richard E. Grant, took viewers behind the scenes of the famed hotel and revealed what makes every stay there a first-class experience. We made sure to roll out the red carpet for Anna Wintour and give her a top flight production experience during her interview, which was captured at her offices at Conde Nast in New York City. The interview itself was captured on a Sony F5 with a Canon Cine Prime lens–to ensure full fabulousness.

You can check out a brief promo of the show here, or below.

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