Atlantic Gets Up Close with Aaptiv Personal Trainers

We’ve teamed up with Aaptiv—again—and this time we’re getting to know their trainers.

An audio-based workout app, Aaptiv adapts to your lifestyle—whether you’re working out at home, at the gym, or literally hitting the ground running.  Each trainer answered all of the important questions you might have when figuring out who best matches your workout preferences – are you a certified trainer? What are your goals for each work out?  And most importantly, who is you favorite musical artist? (This question has some surprising responses.)

We kept Aaptiv’s shoot rather “fit” with a dedicated coordinator on-hand to ensure crew and gear arrived on time, and to maintain the rigorous production schedule that was in place—over twenty trainers needed to be filmed in three days, so it was certainly a workout for our logistical muscles.

Our local New York crew consisted of a camera operator, camera assistant, sound recordist, gaffer and a grip.  After utilizing a lighting day before interviews started, our G&E team was able to create that beautiful Aaptiv background you see without the use of a green screen!  They weren’t the ones to have all the fun on this shoot, though—the camera team shot in 4K on the Sony FS7, and captured footage with a Seven Jib, Canon Cine Primes, and a dana dolly.

Check out the videos we shot here; then get moving!