Atlantic Gets Entangled in Politics, but then Unspun with Matt Forde

Say what you will about American or British politics, but one can’t deny that we live in the golden age of satirical political comedy. On the American side, we have Stephen Colbert and had Jon Stewart (bless his heart!). On the British side a new, yet familiar, voice has emerged in Matt Forde.

Forde, a former advisor to the UK’s Labor Party, has recently become the star of his own television program, “Unspun,” produced by Avalon Television and broadcasts on UKTV. While the focus is primarily on British politics he’d be remiss not to touch upon the loveliness that can sometimes be American politics. That’s when Atlantic, the most American production services company of them all, was called upon for assistance.

Recently, Atlantic provided crew and studio space in New York City for a remote segment featuring a foreign correspondent. You can check out some nifty behind the scenes photos in the gallery below. A producing team from the UK called directly into the correspondent’s ear piece and conducted the segment in real time while the studio staff recorded in PAL broadcast standard video. At the end of the shoot, the footage was sent electronically to the fine folks at Avalon and they were editing the same day.

That’s the extent of our political entanglements, for now!