Atlantic Gets All The Gory Details with Audible

Have you ever wondered what really happens to a loved one’s body after it’s been donated “to science”?  A discovery uncovers a gruesome plot by so-called body brokers, who sell donated body parts one by one.  And all the grim clues point to one man: Stephen Gore.  A new Audible original titled All the Gory Details unravels the case, detail-by-shocking detail.  

For the trailer, Atlantic’s local New York crew (which consisted of nine people) secured a shooting location befitting the moody ambiance they wanted to achieve.  Our DP conceptualized the look and feel of the set, while a camera operator (at the direction of the DP and a producer/director) caught it all on a Sony FX9.  The shots themselves were done in slow motion, using an Emotimo in order to achieve the “fade-in, fade-out” effect seen in the trailer.  For select shots, our gaffer and grip set up an overhead rig.  Provided for the centerpiece of the shoot were mannequins and various other props, all handled by our stylists and assistants.  On-set catering was also provided for the crew and client.

Listen to the podcast & watch the trailer for All the Gory Details on Audible’s website today. Also, check out exclusive behind the scenes photos below!