Atlantic Films Electrolux Food Foundation In Action

In times like this, we all need to do our part to sustain our local communities. During a pandemic millions of people can go hungry, and Electrolux is rising to the task by keeping people fed.

One of their employees, Kit Raper, manages a local organization called The Porch Pantry which recently delivered over 100,000 meals to the people who needed them most in Glen Cove, NY, situated out on Long Island–and not far away from the early epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

With the help of two donations from Electrolux itself and the Electrolux Food Foundation, Kit was able to mobilize enough people to get food on the tables of over 200 individual families.

To capture a real hero on camera, we sent a local crew with a Sony FS7 (who wore masks, gloves and maintained social distancing at all times) to follow Kit as she made her rounds, and then capped it off with an interview. We took an up-close and personal documentary approach to filming real, positive change in action.

You can check out the final video below, or on Twitter.