Atlantic Comes Into Itself with Apple TV+’s Becoming You

Watch “Becoming You” on AppleTV+ today.

Transforming into the person we are later in life is a process unto itself.  Many of us are often a product of those around us—for better or worse.  Such is explored in the recent Apple TV+ documentary, Becoming You, which premiered back in November 2020.  Narrated by someone who knows her way around transformation herself, Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman (The Favourite), Becoming You follows 100 kids around the world from infancy until the age of five. Along the way, viewers witness all that is awkward, strange, and beautiful about those messy first 2,000 days of life.

As they say, it takes a village to raise a kid— so too has our own production village worked to shepherd  the docuseries through those long and tiring shoot days (don’t mind us if we shed a tear or two!).  With a production as sprawling as the docuseries itself, Atlantic worked with Wall to Wall Television (a subsidiary of Warner Bros. International Television Production Company) to lend a hand by bringing local crew, location and other production services all over the U.S. (including Salt Lake City, Denver, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin and the Upstate New York area) to their show.

Becoming You is currently streaming on AppleTV+.