Atlantic Captures Nigel Barker Shoot At NY Fashion Week 2018

New York Fashion Week isn’t just about bodacious clothing, emerging trends, and swanky after parties; it can be about sports, too. Laureus uses the power of sports to incite real social change by telling the stories of athletes, and awarding those who support the values and principles learned through sportsmanship. During this year’s Fashion Week, Laureus partnered with the legendary Nigel Barker to celebrate a slew of amazing athletes with a photoshoot for the Laureus Collection.

Nigel focused not just on what it means to be an athlete but how they move, and capturing the grace and motion of each athlete through still photography. Atlantic was enlisted to capture the motion of the whole shoot from behind the scenes.

Shot at Highline Studios in New York, Atlantic provided two camera operators with Sony FS7s, and a sound recordist to capture on-the-fly interview audio and natural sound. Each athlete had his or her moment in the spotlight, and while Nigel captured the essence of each movement we captured the magic of the photography process. Part of capturing movement through video is slowing down key shots so the audience can appreciate the nuance of each individual motion so rest easy, friends – there are plenty of slow motion shots!

Check out the final video below, or on Laureus’ YouTube channel.