Atlantic Captures David Spade In A Snapchat World

It seems as if society and culture are changing all around us at every twist and turn, and it might be hard to gain a little perspective. David Spade is here to remedy that with his new audio book, A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World, narrated by Spade himself for Audible. In this memoir, Spade bears his life story to us as he comes to terms with living and communicating in a brand new world that’s taking place in the cloud, on social media–anywhere except in person, like in the good ‘ol days.

To promote the audio book, Audible enlisted Atlantic to shoot a number of promos with Spade himself in Burbank. We provided a full local crew which encompassed a producer, two camera operators, a sound recordist, a gaffer, and a production assistant for a full day of shooting at a recording studio. Shot in 4K on two Sony FS7 cameras with all the fancy lighting and grip one’s heart can desire, we captured a sit-down interview and a number of entertaining anecdotes from the audio book that only David Spade can deliver. (It is his memoir, after all…)

Check out the main promo below, or on Audible’s YouTube channel.