Atlantic Captures David Duchovny Interview for The South Bank Show

Production company behind The South Bank Show

They say the truth is out there—and Atlantic?  We’re on the case!  Or, at least we were when we interviewed David Duchovny to talk about his experience working with X-Files co-star Gillian Anderson for Sky TV’s The South Bank Show, produced by Director’s Cut Productions.  The episode was a special retrospective on Anderson’s prolific career, ranging from her work on the 1990s pop culture phenomenon to her career in television and film across the pond.  As her longtime friend and personal touchstone, Duchovny knew “the truth would save him” when it came to talking about what it was like working opposite Anderson and carrying such an iconic show with her.

For the interview, our local New York City crew—consisting of a field producer who conducted the interview and a DP shooting on the Sony FX9—took all the necessary precautions by filming in a secure location where social distancing and proper ventilation measures were kept in place, whilst masks were worn at all times.

If you’re in the U.K. or are a Sky subscriber, you can watch the episode anytime here.

And with that, the case is officially closed.  That will be all.