Atlantic Awakens The Force at Lucasfilm

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Okay, so it wasn’t that long ago. It was right during the intense lead-up to Disney’s first entry into their somewhat-newly-purchased super franchise–Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And it wasn’t in a galaxy that far away; it was right at Lucasfilm in California!

lucasfilm_tfa_newIn what surely amounts to be our biggest nerdgasm to date, we took a crew (shooting on a Canon C300) right into Lucasfilm to capture footage for a special which we’re sure you will see soon enough. Upon our departure, Lucasfilm staff members couldn’t hold back their enthusiasm and hastily admitted that the Force is strong in us. And what happened after that? Well..

If we’re being completely honest here, the Force awakened within all of our crew members across the States that day. So next time you call Atlantic for your production needs, know that you’d be hiring Jedi-level crew and gear. Lightsabers not included. Though, the closest thing we might have is a light meter, if this were 1977 that is.