Atlantic Augments Reality with Minecraft

No one is ever too old to play with blocks. With that philosophy–nay, fact!–in mind, we here at Atlantic aren’t ashamed to say we love Minecraft, the best-selling and beloved sandbox video game available on every platform. When we’re not the building blocks of successful video productions, you better believe we’re (still) crafting the most pixelated images you’ve ever seen.

For those of you with kids at home, you may already be very well acquainted with the Minecraft phenomenon–and all the spin-offs and add-ons available to your burgeoning crafters. Just when you thought, “My kid can’t possibly spend any more time playing that darn Minecraft. Whatever happened to those Poke-man things?” you’ll be absolutely flabbergasted to hear about Minecraft Earth, a new augmented reality experience that brings all those (sometimes truly bizarre and abstract) pixelated creations into the real world through your smartphone. You know, like the hottest app of 2016: Poke-Mans Go!

To mark the launch of the app being available for pre-registration, Minecraft held three separate in-game experiences in New York City, London, and Syndey to showcase how the app works, and new ways you can interact with the actual world you live in. (Please don’t forget the world is amazing, children!) Atlantic was tapped to supply a local crew to capture the fun in New York, so our producer, director of photography, and sound recordist covered the event from top to bottom in glorious 4K, courtesy of the ever-reliable Sony FS7.

You can check out the promotional video below, or on Minecraft’s official YouTube channel here.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to get back to blocking…out our shots.