Atlantic & Audible Tread the Dangerous World of Modern Dating

Handsome?  Check.  Likes long walks on the beach?  Double-check.  Loves to gaslight you?   Uhh, how about check, please?!  If this sounds like an all-too-familiar dating situation for you, then Gabi Conti’s new Audible podcast, Am I Dating a Serial Killer? is one you should give a listen.  A self-professed serial dater, Conti sheds light on the many toxic situations that come with modern dating today.  From cat-fishing to dog-fishing (yes, that’s a thing), each episode revolves around a specific scenario, which is then analyzed by behavioral psychology experts.

For the podcast’s trailer, Atlantic secured the filming location at Oxford Pennant for our three-person crew consisting of a DP, 1st AC, and gaffer.  Shot in glorious 4K on a Sony FX9, we made use of extreme close-ups with Canon EF 100mm and 180mm macro lenses.  Strict COVID protocols were practiced ahead of the shoot as always.

Watch the trailer for Am I Dating a Serial Killer? on Audible’s website (or below!) and listen to the podcast today.