Atlantic & Audible Spotlight Jazmine Sullivan in “The Art of Confessing”

For the past few years, Jazmine Sullivan’s dulcet-toned vocals has been taking the R&B world by storm, winning Grammys and lending her voice to projects such as the Oscar-nominated Tick…Tick…Boom!  But before she was known as the powerhouse performer she is today, Sullivan’s childhood in Philadelphia helped inform her future artistry – something she looks back on in her new Audible original, The Art of Confessing. Written and conceived by Sullivan, Confessing is a journey of confessional R&B through a female lens.

For the project, Atlantic’s local Philly crew, consisting of a field producer, two camera operators, a gaffer, a sound op, and a PA, shot a sit-down interview and Q&A session with Sullivan at World Cafe Live, all on 2x Sony FX9 cameras in glorious 4K. Afterward our crew captured footage of Sullivan during a live show. Our camera operators worked under the direction of an on-location Audible producer that communicated with us over IFBs, and oversaw what was being filmed over wireless video feeds we provided.

Check out the final video below, and be sure to give the podcast a listen!