Atlantic & Audible Make a Killer Team

Sometimes, a new job can be more trouble than it’s worth. That’s exactly what the character Brynn Morris finds out in Audible’s new original, Hit Job.  Out of desperation, Brynn (played by Keke Palmer) lands a job as an administrative assistant at a company called Killco. There, she meets Geo (played by Pete Davidson) and finds out that the competitive atmosphere might just put her morals into question.

Recently, we sat down with both stars for a behind the scenes look in New York’s Rockefeller Center and in Los Angeles, providing local field producers, directors of photography (who shot on the Sony FX9 in magnificent 4K), sound recordists, and gaffers (replete with grip trucks). In order for the folks at Audible to be able to participate in each shoot, we set up a laptop so they can Zoom or Skype in and follow along in real time. We also filmed mini-promos for use on Audible’s various social media channels.

Check out the promos and listen to Hit Job on Audible today.