Atlantic & Audible Go Through Their Awkward Phase with ‘Letters from Camp’

Growing up is hard to do.  It is, as Jane Austen famously wrote, “a truth universally acknowledged.”  For Mookie Hooper, navigating her tween years is made even more challenging under the backdrop of summer camp.  Co-created and narrated by Oscar-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis, Audible original Letters from Camp explores those blunder years with humor, tenderness, and even intrigue.  

To kick off its third and final season, Atlantic sat down with Curtis and her two young co-stars, actors Sunny Sandler and Jacob Tremblay, to talk about the audio series, growing pains, and the future.  Then we went over to Westlake Recording Studio for a behind-the-scenes look at the cast laying down their takes.

For the two videos, we had local crews in both Vancouver and Los Angeles film interviews with Tremblay, as well as Curtis and Sandler, respectively.  Each crew was comprised of a field producer, a sound operator, a gaffer, a PA, and two camera operators.

You can view the interviews below or on Audible’s YouTube channel.  Be sure to check out Letters from Camp and its third season on Audible!