Atlantic and Audible Go To The Moon With Rosario Dawson

Here at Atlantic, we know that stories have the power to transcend time and space.  In fact, this realization has come across our purview daily in the work we do. Most particularly, in another shoot we’ve done with Audible.  Shot in Los Angeles, our two Sony FS7 cameras caught actress Rosario Dawson (Luke Cage, RENT) as she recorded passages from the latest offering of Andy Weir (bestselling author of The Martian), Artemis.  

The novel features Dawson as its young protagonist Jazz Bashara, a woman living on the moon, who — despite her very extraordinary environs — is just another girl struggling through her journey in much the same way any of us mere Earth-bound groundlings are.  Her job as a porter barely seems to make the rent, so when an opportunity arises that would guarantee her more lucrative means, she takes the chance.  Little does she know that by doing so she would end up discovering a dark conspiracy within the depths of Artemis.

With the help of our producer, production assistant, sound operator, pair of cinematographers and gaffer (along with trusty grip truck), we were able to film Dawson’s recording sessions and interview in stellar 4K.  We also successfully achieved a “black void” look, as she was recording, with the assistance of blackout drapes and out-of-this-world lighting that would make even the brightest of stars jealous (if you don’t mind us saying so)!

You can watch the full video below (or on Audible’s YouTube channel here):