Atlantic & Audible Find Their Voice with Nancy Cartwright

It seems Nancy Cartwright will always be a 10 year-old boy.  The voice actress has been playing the mischievous Bart of the iconic animated series The Simpsons since its inception in 1989.  In 2000, she released a much-requested memoir called I’m Still a 10 Year-Old Boy—now, some 20 years later, Cartwright has adapted her book into an audio version for Audible.  Atlantic sat down with the actress to talk about her book, as well as her personal journey from a young girl in Dayton, Ohio to being that famous 10 year-old boy in Springfield.

For the interview, Atlantic’s local crew of five filmed at Cartwright’s Los Angeles home.  There, our two camera operators shot additional b-roll footage and social media promotional clips with Sony FX9 packages along with the support of a field producer, sound recordist, and gaffer.  As always, the interview was conducted safely following strict COVID protocols for both crew and talent involved.

Check out one of the social videos below, and the trailer + audiobook on Audible’s website.