Atlantic & Audible Delve Into The History of Sketch Comedy

Have you ever wondered what kind of jokes the Ancient Greeks told?  Or who really was on first?!  True to its name, The History of Sketch Comedy delves into the “key” foundations of sketch comedy—as well Keegan-Michael Key’s own foundations as a fledgling performer training at Chicago’s famed Second City.  Somewhere between history lesson, memoir, and full-on sketch performance, the podcast has something for everyone.

At our shoot with him, the Key & Peele star taught us how to work with what you know in order to make a sketch work—from the importance of providing context in a scene, to observing the world around you.  Like any good improvisational set-up, our own team fearlessly yes, and-ed everything the shoot threw our way and started with booking New York’s spacious Pier59 Studios for the shoot, leaving the comedian free to play around with the environment.

With all the proper COVID-19 protocols enforced on location (including testing we arranged for both crew and talent), our make-up and wardrobe stylists perfected his look. Then, our DP and sound operator got to work recording behind-the-scenes B-roll on the Sony FX9, while our stills photographer worked his magic with Key and his props for the podcast’s album art. Then it all came full circle when we captured Key’s video promos in glorious 4K (using the same continuous lighting set-up crafted by our gaffer– shoots are a lot like sketches; you only have so much time to get it right)!

You can check out The History of Sketch Comedy on Audible today.